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“A single, brief and concise act, in which
the fundamental aspect of the mentality of
Michelangelo Merisi from Caravaggio emerges.””…Demarchi puts before our eyes an amazing evidence,
a particular traceable in one of the most famous
Caravaggio’s paintings, the Vocation of Matthew,
which no one has ever seen.
Not saying not well interpreted. Never seen, and that’s all.”

Claudio Strinati

La Moneta di Caravaggio
Roberto DemanrchiRoberto Demarchi was born in Turin in 1951. He is a painter, an architect and an art Historian. His artistic path started very early. Since his first exhibition in 1969 he has purposely chosen some rare moments of public visibility far from the usual critics’ scenes and art market paths although his works appear in several private collections in Italy and throughout the world.
In March 2001 the cycle «Perì Physeos» was finalised and in 2003 Crocetti Editore published a monograph that contains the views of the Italian and European leading scholars.
Since then the painter’s research has been focused also on the representation of sacred themes taken from the Old and New Testament.
The cycles «Genesis» and «Genesis of the world and Genesis of Art» both curated by Antonio Paolucci make part of this research.
In 2011 Claudio Strinati presented, at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana in Milan, the triptych «St. Matthew’s Passion», an abstract meditation on the work of J. S. Bach and the painting exhibition «Abstract Gospels » in Rome and Turin. In November 2018 the exhibition “At the Roots: the origin of the Western thought in abstraction” was presented at the State Archives head office in Turin.
La Moneta di Caravaggio

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